Video game consoles have come along way from the early SNES consolde and duckhunt (classic game) to the XBox 360 and the Halo series.? Nintendo continued its product line with the Wii and while companies are still making minimal games for these products, the growth of the video game industry is on the decline.

I do not think there will be a PS4 or an XBox 1080 or a Wii2 (or would it be WiiII)?? I think the new consoles will be built into your TV or your computer rather with the companies manufacturing different games and items to use with your generic ‘box’.

The gaming industry is in dire need of a tech hardware tune up.? How do we have multi-touch surface products on our computers, phones, mp3 devices but not on our gaming consoles?? Virtual reality was announced long back in the 1990’s but yet there is a game yet to become mainstream which uses this technology in homes across the globe.

The next big winner in the gaming industry will be the company who uses virtual reality and much larger gaming setups rather then making gaming smaller and more compact.? I’d much rather buy an enormous console that lets me actually race in a car then something that I can fit in the palm of my hand; its about the experience, not the graphics or size.

The Wii was revolutionary because Nintendo actually declared itself out of the graphics race.? They were more about the idea of using the controller as more then a set of buttons rather then how sharp the back of Yoshi’s tail looks.

What would you like to see in the next gaming console?