If you have ever lost a phone and had some personal data on a device, you may appreciate this new piece of technology from Verizon Wireless.

Similar to what AT&T offers to their iPhone users with MobileMe contacts, Verizon is now including a Mobile Recovery service with their protection plans to allow users to find their phones when they are lost, lock the device, erase all data and contacts or to signal an alarm off the phone.

The service is provided to all members who subscribe to the $10/month plan of Total Equipment Coverage and supports all Android, Blackberry and WebOS devices.

While this is great for those users who fear losing their phone and having someone else find it, it’s also a wonderful feature for people who just lose their phones frequently somewhere close by.

The alarm the phone is able to emit helps when people lose their phones somewhere in the house and do not have the ability to hear its ringtone or if its on vibrate.

If it is out of audible range, the application can still provide you with turn by turn navigational directions to guide yourself straight to the phone.

Check out the full press release and let us know if you have used it!