Well the wait is finally over it seems…Verizon is expected/should announce the iPhone 4 tomorrow at a press conference in New York.

While this has been the most anticipated partnership in current modern tech history, I’m a bit surprised at the hype over the technology they are releasing.? Don’t be mistaken, as a Verizon customer, I will absolutely be making the switch over to the new iPhone, but I’m a bit disappointed at the release I’m getting details about.

The iPhone 4 on Verizon is going to be great, but it could have been made a whole lot better…

Verizon is holding the event in New York City tomorrow (January 11th, 2011 – 1/11/11).? Normally all new technology announcements are made at Apple’s headquarters in California by Steve Jobs himself making me believe that this is going to be the exact same iPhone 4 we saw almost a year ago.? To be honest, the new Android dual core phones with front facing cameras have better hardware than the iPhone, so I thought it seemed a bit lazy that the geniuses at Apple are partnering for a dull release.

Apple usually announces a new iPhone every year in the summer, so will a new iPhone 5 be on its way only in a few months?? What if I buy a new iPhone 4 and then have a new one come out in 4 months.? Apple could have easily made an iPhone V (iPhone 5 in Roman Numbers or iPhone Verizon – little pun there) and have it integrate some new technology.? LTE is going to be the wave of the data future, which was known months prior to the development of the new iPhone 4 so I think both parties once again sluffed the idea of releasing something monumental.

AFTER THE HOLIDAYS RELEASE!?? Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Hanukkah and Christmas just passed…you’re expecting as great of sales numbers now that the biggest gift giving days are completely over?? Imagine what type of success you would have had if you had announced it one month prior.? Now what do I do with that new 2 year contract and phone I had to agree to when I got a new phone for Christmas!

I demand new. I said it above with the lack of new technology, but the hype of how cool the new iPhone 4 was sooooo 6 months ago.? Technology changes quick, especially in something like mobile phones, so you really want to push something on me that’s going to have a new model in about a couple months?? Give me a break, it better include an incentive that says I can swap out or update my iPhone in 4 months with no extra cost or fees.

If they announce the phone tomorrow and have the expected release date of Feb. 3rd-6th, I’m going to be a very unsatisfied Apple/Verizon customer.? The 3-4 week wait time is going to be more painful then that awkward month when major league baseball and professional football is over.

Apple, I expect better of you.? I would say that I can group Verizon in that category as well, but they did some nice release work with LTE and four new powerhouse phones at CES.? Apple is private for a reason, they are secretive and it builds up hype for their next release.? I’m excited to see the new iPad 2, because its new…but I have been expecting the iPhone 4 on Verizon for quite some time, just not at the end of its life cycle.