I have a Netbook but it has all the specs to run Windows 7.? The only problem with installing Windows 7 is my netbook does not have a DVD drive and I do not want to buy an external device to load on the OS because I rarely use DVD’s.? Is there anyway to install Windows 7 from a USB key?? Thanks!

Windows 7 can be run on netbooks and it can be run from a USB key!? While you cannot purchase the operating system built straight onto a USB key, there are many options of downloading the program to a USB drive or copying over files from a DVD you might have already purchased.

If you have not already purchased a copy of Windows 7, you can navigate to Microsoft’s purchasing page here, and download a copy with the tools to install it straight to a USB key.

If you have already purchased a copy of Windows 7 and wish to put it on a USB drive, you’ll need to download DiskPart. Launch the DiskPart program by typing “diskpart” in the Start Menu to start the prep of your thumb drive.? Next, run the “list disk” to check the status of your drive.? Run “select disk 1” (if 1 is the corresponding number to your USB key) and then run the “clean” option.? After, “create partition primary” and then make the partition to “active.”

After you’ve put the partition to active, run the “format fs=fat32 quick” to format the drive in fat32 format (in a quick version).

If you wish to assign the USB a drive letter, use the assign command and type in an unused drive letter for your USB key.

Simply drag and drop over the files from the DVD to the drive and you’re done!? A USB key installation is also much faster then an installation by disk!