As much as it is now overrated, Windows 7 will be worth it. Let us say down the road, Windows 7 will receive the most software updates, the most attention, and be better than XP. Now Windows XP has come a long way and most certainly deserves some respect. However, think about it ? when Windows XP or Vista runs, it usually needs modification to make it run faster. Whether it be a performance tweak, or a reliability update ? those operating systems were not good enough. No product is perfect, but Windows 7 runs great as of this moment.

There has not been a problem in site yet, as testing it is sure a breeze. Most beta products are always said to be buggy, and users should be careful. Windows 7 beta/RC is not like any other beta product. Non-Microsoft product users are talking and saying an improvement is happening on the Microsoft side, and it is thought that Microsoft knows what they are doing. Windows 7 is set to run on virtually any machine with the correct specs. Definitely having a 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM is probably the best idea. Windows 7 for netbooks is sure thought of. As Microsoft thinks that netbooks should not get stuck running an old operating system; Windows XP, they should definitely have something better. Windows 7 Starter is now being changed to take away the 3-application limit. The Starter Edition is said to be best suited for netbooks. The security of Windows 7 is so good that it has a built in action center. This action center is able to notify you of security issues, hardware issues, system and performance issues, available Windows Updates, and much more. This replaces the Windows Security Center. Best of all, users see what they want to see in the action center. Overall, Windows 7 users will have very little to complain about, which makes it a big hit to all of the Geeks communities.