I have an external hard drive that does not show up in My Computer, but it is seen in the device manager…how do I fix this?

It looks as if the drive you are looking to connect has not been assigned a proper drive letter to your computer.

Let’s assign it a letter to your computer so you can start to call it straight from the My Computer page and will be able to use the device on that machine.

?I recommend formatting the device in your device manager if possible.? Note: this will remove and erase all data on the drive so be careful.? If you have data you need on that storage card, we can try the next configuration which should get it back to the computer.

We need to enumerate the USB drive for this computer:

Open Control Panel >> Administrative Tools?>> Computer Management.

?In “Storage” there is a tab called Disk Management, and find your USB stick in there based on storage size.

Right click the drive and assign it a letter such as F: or G:.? Make sure this is not? a letter currently being used by another device in your computer.

Your device should be good to go for your computer.