I keep getting the message: a usb device has exceeded its power limits of its hub support. I just downloaded an update for my computer and this message started popping up! Its driving me crazy because I need the mouse…Please help!!

You seem to have a pretty common problem which causes tons of confusion because the fix really is not in trying to find the new drivers or trying to troubleshoot the device as much as it is trying to decode the message in simple terms and trying to take the advice almost literally.

Try the fix below and you should be able to use all your devices again soon!

On average, the normal voltage output of USB ports is +5 VDC.

Laptop users: Unplugging the laptop and take out the battery safely after the laptop has been properly shut down (not hibernated or put on standby).? To do so, press the power button to drain residual voltage from the system.?? Any other devices that are connected can follow the same procedure to be shut down.
Desktop users: Shut down the computer and then unplug the power cord that is plugged into the wall.? Follow the same procedure for any devices such as printers or cameras hooked up to the PC.

Once you reboot, try the peripherals again.? If neither of these worked, you may have a problem with the device itself or the USB Hub.

To fix this problem with another solution is to install a USB PCI card in your desktop or a express card for your laptop which should give you some extra ports.

Good luck!