I have an old computer with Windows 98 and I would like to make it run Windows XP with a Modem.? I’m a single mother off 5 and I want to give my kids a chance to explore the internet…I’m on a very limited budget…Thank You

Hey Mom!? Welcome to the world of upgrading computers and it’s many paths.? If I understand your question correctly, I believe you want to update your old Windows 98 computer to Windows XP and add some sort of internet connection for the children.? Unfortunately, this might not be a simple two step process, but let’s explore your options and help you weigh out the costs of each and which can fit your budget.

I highly recommend you do not try and update your Windows 98 computer to Windows XP, especially if it does not have parts like a modem built in already.most likely the computer is too old to even run the newer software.? You’d have to buy the software which in itself is almost becoming outdated and that can be pretty pricey, not to mention the cost of the modem hardware cards which adds an additional cost.

I think your best option is to just retire that old machine to the younger children for games and some basic word processing applications and start checking the ad’s in the local paper for people looking to sell their machines.? You can get one of these machines at a pretty low cost, similar to what it would’ve cost you to buy the Windows XP upgrade license and modem.

I advise you call some local internet service providers to check what the prices would be for dial up service or anything more advanced like DSL or Cable and see if they offer bundles that you could put together to get a package price on your home phone and internet/TV services.

Best of luck, we hope to see you on the site again on the new computer!

*Credit for this solution goes to: appleoddity, a valued tech team member in our forums.