Ever wonder what’s going on in the tech world?? Rumors, gossip.every other field has it, celebrities, science, politics; so why not the technology group.

I’ve been scouring the web the past couple days looking for the most popular stories/rumors/news/facts and have compiled a list of some bullet points I thought the readers would find interesting to read.

Check out some of these cool facts and tidbits, they make great conversation starters and are cool oddities to know to increase your computer protection/user knowledge!

  • Jessica Biel recently was named the most “dangerous” celebrity to search on the web.? Research has shown that her name/pictures/videos/screensavers come attached with the most amount of malware and viruses.? I guess her good looks come at a cost. (Brad Pitt was the previous name holder and now holds his spot in second followed by former ex Jennifer Aniston)
  • The recession has created a further rise in cybercrime around the world.? Apparently, the more attention given to prevent local crime as well as world terrorism takes away efforts to prevent cybercrime. Social sites have also given more room for these criminals to increase there electronic scams.
  • The United States was ranked the 28th fastest in Internet Connection Speed.? A report by the Communications Workers at America said the top download speed is in South Korea with an average of 20.3 mbps.the US average is 5.1 mbps.? Japan, Sweden and the Netherlands hold the next three spots following South Korea respectively.

I hope you enjoyed the tech gossip from this week, submit your own gossip via our ASK button.? I’ll try my best to include all the submitted stories!