Please read entire article and note the date…

Do NOT unplug your mouse from your computer…ever!? It’s been found that with modern software, unplugging your mouse can and most likely will cause a system crash.

Have you already unplugged your mouse since you’ve owned your computer?? Well you may already be at risk and could experience an entire system failure any minute now.

The mouse is directly connected to the hard drive; everyone knows that.? When you plug in the mouse, you automatically control the hard drive and the actual component moves inside the computer mimicking your every hand jester.? Computer engineers have been asked why they designed the hard drive to have such a risk and most just respond “because we we’re made fun of for being geeks.”

Chief corespondent at one of the leading mice manufacturers gave us a brief statement claiming, “Well it’s better than using real mice in the actual mouse like we use to back in the day…”

Beware, if you have a mouse, do not ever unplug it.? If you must, tape it, staple it, glue it…do what ever you have to do to make sure you are not ever going to unplug that cable from the back of your computer.? If you have, well consider yourself using a ticking time bomb that WILL be set off at any minute and all your data and files will be gone.


^Please pass this along to a very gullible friend, but be sure to follow up that they understand it is a prank.