Advanced SystemCare Free has malfunctioned and will no longer open properly.? When I try to install a newer version it is un-able to uninstall my older version and
won’t install.? I am not familiar with manually uninstalling programs, so is there anything I can do?

It’s great to update programs to the newest versions of software but it really irks me when the new program does not contain the proper tools to remove the software from the computer leaving the old files and folders still intact as junk on the machine.? Later, we’re left to guess which folders and files are used by the newer version; who hasn’t ever gotten that message: “This file may affect programs running on your machine, are you sure you want to delete it?”? It makes me feel like I’m the guy deciding between the red or the blue wire during a bomb scene.

Uninstalling Advanced SystemCare Free may be troubling at first, but we can try a couple things which should be able to remove at least the old files and folders so you can install the newer one.

I always recommend using the Uninstall Programs option in the Control Panel.? Give that a try first before using the next step, but many times, the Control Panel feature does not work.

If the Uninstalling Programs option does not work, try downloading and installing the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Run it from your programs menu and find the Advanced Systemcare item and then click to remove it.

As I said before, although this will not “uninstall” the product from your computer, it will most likely remove certain components so that the newer version you are trying to install will no longer recognize the older version is still installed.

Using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility should remove the gunk off your PC to install the newer version of the program.? Let us know how it went and your experience with this utility.I’d like to start recommending it more to our other users!