Microsoft came out with their newest beta release of Office 2010 and allows free beta download for any user!

Microsoft Office 2010 brings a whole new array of tools to the table and completely revamped features to bulk up on the powerful suite.

If you’re an Office user currently, grab the download today and install it on your computer.? Become familiar with the newest features and see if they fit your standards.

To grab the beta download, visit this link and follow the instructions on the page.? They are very simple as the installation is quick and easy!

One of my personal favorite features is the new built in co-authoring tool.? Sharing files never became easier until now where you can share and work on a document simultaneously with people around the globe in your favorite programs; Word, Excel…etc.

In our ever changing web world, Microsoft allows you to store and edit your documents straight on the web if you’re bouncing around on computers or just allows you to send it to your mobile device and edit on the go!

Outlook 2010 has a cleaner look and compresses and reduces email clutter with its new smart features to get rid of the trash before you even have to empty it and waste your valuable time.? It still has its reliable fundamental features of a strong calendar and universal support.

The most noticeable difference I’ve recognized is the speed of the actual program.? In the blink of an eye, the program will start up when you click it without even a prolonged intro screen.? It’s impressive to reboot your computer and have the first program you start up open in under a couple seconds.

Try the new suite today and let us know what you think!