Tom (Coyote) Wilson has opened a new site:

Welcome to AntiSlyware

This site has been created for you, the user, to help with the removal and solution of computer problems.

The problems encountered today require skill and experience to remove fully and without damaging the Operating System. Although this website is relatively new, the staff here is not to this feild and we will strive to get the answers you need for your problems to fix your computer. We have many experienced people working with users to help them remove problems from their computer. The focus is to restore the computer back to normal functioning, without the annoyances of viruses, spyware, malware, browser hijackers and so forth.

Many of our methods will use freely available applications that are on the internet and which have been used and approved by the AntiSlyware staff.

Throughout this site, the most current information for safe-guarding the computer is made available for the internet community. The various sections are being updated continuously. As new problems arise, Antislyware will strive to offer the most current and most efficient solution(s) available.

Our forums are available to assist with problems. A valid registered user name is required to post to the forums. Some restrictions are in place to protect users coming for help at our forums.

Congratulations and best of luck Tom! will continue to operate and no changes are planned.

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