*** I asked Tom Coyote if he wanted me to post this article. Tom’s comment was “nowadays, if you are in business and take credit cards, you are responsible for the protection of that data and it should never be dismissed lightly during an incident” or mishap. ***

On January 17, 2007, T.J. Maxx acknowledged that it had had a major security breach. The breach occurred a month ago – December, 2006. That means whoever had the customers? data had about a month head start. That is deplorable.

Rich Smith for The Motley Fool wrote:

“Instead of doing the stand-up thing ? heck, the standard thing ? TJX merely encouraged its customers to ?carefully review their credit card and debit card statements and other account information,? and to ?notify their credit or debit card company or bank if they suspect fraudulent use.?

Message from TJX to its customers? You?re on your own.?

link: TJX?s response to stolen customer data marks a new low in customer service.

I really do hope that there is a class action lawsuit against this company. They show no respect for their customers. I, for one, will not use that company or any other company under their corporate umbrella again. Never. In a crisis, T.J. Maxx shows its true colours.

Catherine Forsythe