First it was minutes, then it was texting and now it will be data.? Shared family plans for data are just around the corner from the major wireless providers and it’s about time!

I have 5 phones on my family plan, 4 are smart phones.? I was ‘lucky‘ enough to get all of them on the unlimited data plan for $30 bucks a month before that plan was nixed, but when closely examining the usage, I find that barely any of them exceed 2 gigs a month!? Today, WiFi availability is so mainstream that there is a limited call for unbounded data usage, and I could save a bundle on a family shared plan.

Many of us are now exploring the options for tablets with the new iPad’s and Android offerings.? Even the newest iPad? supports 4G, (don’t get me started again on why it’s barely worth buying) but adding another $25-30 bucks a month for that device is just something I’m not willing to spend.? If I would be able to pay a flat fee for all the lines on my account, I’d be more inclined to shell out the extra $100 and upgrade to a 4G ready tablet.

What’s the sentiment out there…would you make the upgrade?