Think you love technology? Try writing about it. What The Tech has decided to bring aboard a couple writers in all of our tech fields! Our only criteria is we are looking for someone who is as passionate about the technology world as we are and who thinks they have the guts to write about it. You do not have to be a professional writer or have a journalism degree; just the ability to convey your tech knowledge on blog form.

For those of you who may seem a bit skeptical on why you should write for What the Tech, look no further.? What the Tech is one of the most up and coming tech sites out there with a blog directly catered to its members.? We get as personal in a blog in relation to our users as possible!? Become ?published? in the tech industry and you may find yourself showered with more perks and recognition then you can imagine.? Oh, and for you goodie-goodies, you get that warm feeling inside that you made a difference and helped someone.

Eagerly interested? Check out how to apply:

  • Compose a couple posts about anything tech related.? A couple ideas may be along the lines of finding a cool gadget you use all the time that you want to show off to other members or a common customized setting you use on your computer experience that you think others may find useful!? They don?t have to be as long as the articles you find in magazines, just a couple paragraphs as you see here on the site!
  • Draft up a quick personal info sheet that contains the following: name, contact information, brief explanation about why you you should write for What the Tech and a little bit about yourself.
  • Send an email to and we?ll send you a response as soon as possible!

We encourage all applicants as we?re looking for people who best fits our blogging team.

Good luck?the next article you see on the site could be yours!