Continuing with the last post about what to look for in a digital camera, especially with the holiday season coming up, I decided to dive into the up and coming Netbook!

A netbook is a “little computer” around 7-10″ that offers the ultimate design in portability, light weight design and long battery life.? While it might not have the most powerful parts or offer the same power as a laptop or desktop, its a great and useful gift for people who like to have their computer on the run without the extra weight or baggage a laptop might come with.

If you’re considering buying a netbook for yourself or for a gift during this holiday season, check out some of these features to look for before opening your wallet!

1) Size does matter.? As stated above, netbooks can range from anywhere between 7″ and 10″ and this affects everything from the screen viewing size to the keyboard.? If the user has eyes that might be strained or can be strained from looking at a small screen for a longer period of time, I would recommend the larger 10″ netbooks over then smaller ones.? These also boast larger keyboards that are easier to type on then the smaller 7-8″ netbooks.

2) Parts- While it won’t boast the power and hard drive space that a normal computer can offer, make sure your netbook offers at least 1gig of ram and a 1.6Ghz processor.? These standard parts will be needed if the computer will run Windows or any other operating system.

3) Strong ports for other devices- check to make sure there are ample ports to connect your netbook to other devices including USB ports and a monitor out (VGA, DVI).? Card readers, webcams and microphones should also be standard on the netbook you are looking to purchase.

4) Battery Life- Some netbooks offer extended batteries that add a little extra weight but can tack on up to an additional 2-4 hrs of netbook power life!

5) The ability to step outside of Windows Operating Systems- some netbooks run better on alternative operating systems such as Linux or even the new Google Chrome which is expected to be released in the future exclusively for lower end laptops or netbooks.? These operating systems use less system resources and offer more flexibility for their users!

Anything else anyone would like to add…?