Digital Cameras

With the holiday season coming up, I’ve decided to share some tech advice on the joy of gift giving.? I get a lot of questions regarding popular tech gifts like computers and TV’s but one of the most popular I decided to talk about is Digital Cameras!

Here are some important factors, features and functions to consider when purchasing a digital camera to give as gifts this holiday season.? Check out this important guide on how many megapixels a camera should have and what other technical aspects make a camera better than another!

1)? Resolution:? The camera megapixels are advertised very heavily but a large amount of people like to argue that more megapixels means a better camera.? The truth is that this is not always the case.? More megapixels will allow you to take a larger picture to crop and edit but if the user will not be printing or requiring anything larger than an 8X10, a 6 MP camera should be all that is needed!

2)? Zoom:? The Zoom of a camera is important to look at for someone who might be taking long range shots.? Power zoom is great for narrowing in on the actual picture but optical zoom is even more important because it won’t reduce the image quality!? If the camera offers manual focus, be sure the user who is taking shots with the camera can control and understand the features and differences between a manual focus and automatic focus.

3) Image Stability and Low Light Capability:? These are wonderful features to have on any camera.? The image stability feature will try to stabilize a picture that might be taken on the run or might have some action involved in it; thus the image will be electronically aided to remain still once captured.

The low light capability is also a feature that will allow the camera to take pictures in low light.? Think about situations like ceremonies or weddings or late night events that might require the ability to get photos in the dark without producing those rough images that we struggle over to see from a regular camera.

4) Size matters.? While bigger more advanced cameras can capture images and process them faster with a better quality…they are rarely shot with as much as the smaller cameras.? If you’re getting this camera for a first time user or someone who might be using this on the go or storing it in a purse or pocket, you’re better off with a small digital camera that can boast some pretty impressive features then a massive clunky camera!

5)? Storage cards- You wouldn’t buy a computer with out a hard drive to store data and files onto, would you?? Don’t make that mistake with a camera either…most come with these small size cards that only hold about 8 pictures before they are full so when you purchase the camera, ask an associate for a memory card that your camera can use to store pictures onto!

Any other advice anyone would like to add?