When I type in www.yahoo.com it changes to m.www.yahoo.com and displays everything on the left side of the screen.? How do I change this back?? I do not like the new look of the page and it makes things more complicated for me.

yahooYahoo! has been experimenting with some changes within the past couple years including their aesthetics on their homepage.? Most websites are constantly trying to stay updated with the times, including looks, and are making a push to become more web 2.o.? Yahoo! has been in competition with Google and Microsoft for their search engine efforts and their other marketed homepage features, so staying current with better features and better improvements is always on the agenda.

What you are referring to is just one of the new homepages they have been testing out.? I believe it is the one that they are looking to replace the homepage with permanently, but to be honest, my research shows most people are against any new homepage entirely!

It’s tough to ask Yahoo! to stay old in these times where other companies are trying to stay young and more sleek looking.? Yahoo! also has tried to improve their features and services they offer.? To do this, they had to change around the look of the old website they offered.

Many of us do not like change, and it took me a while to get use to the new Yahoo! homepage but I offer a few suggestions that might help you get use to the new homepage:

  • Explore the features of the new Yahoo!? Take some time and find out what has changed and what else is there to offer.
  • Customize your experience.? Yahoo! allows each user to customize what shows up and what news feed are available on the screen specifically to what you like.? Set up what is on the left task bar to have the buttons and features you want most easily accessible.
  • Keep an open mind.? These people have been in the web industry for a while and their ultimate goal is to make you happy so they have reasons for change.? They don’t want to lose you!