It’s day 2 with my new MacBook and I’m still pretty happy with it. I’ve found a pivotal flaw with Apples power saving scheme which does not allow closing the lid to keep the laptop on, but only allows the laptop to sleep. Fortunately, I had my friend show me a program which kept the laptop running even if the screen was shut.

I’ve been pretty excited with the multi-touch pad. One of the key features that separates Mac’s from other PC’s is the touch system they integrate into their laptops. The two finger right click has been better than I thought and I’ve come to enjoy the swipes with three fingers to go back and forth between pages as well as the newly added four finger motion to bring up the programs running (similar to an Windows Aero feature).

I’ll attach some unboxing pictures for some of you who’d like to check out Apple’s space saving packaging. Also check out the comparison between this computer and my previous dell which I thought was very slim before I met the new MacBook Pro.

To view the album of all the pictures from the unboxing, including the comparison between the new MacBook Pro and the Dell XPS 1530, please view the album online here.