One of my biggest fears before purchasing the MacBook were the programs I could find for the notebook.? I was scared that my normal experience would be revolutionized by a new wave of programs different to what I am accustom to with Windows.? Would downloading programs from the internet become a hassle trying to find the “Mac” version?? Would they have the same features?? Are there even enough programs and developers out there releasing new and cool applications for these things?

Boy was I in for a surprise…

Finding programs that are compatible or released for Mac’s was a lot easier then I imaged.? I have yet to find a program that I want to use or cannot find another alternative that has not been released for Mac’s.? There are some differences in the programs such as Microsoft Office, where Windows users have an advantage because of the cleaner design, but I still have Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint…etc.

I was pleasantly surprised by the plethora of available programs in the Mac version including Eclipse for my programming!? I would’ve bet money that I had to install boot camp to do some of my programming before I found the Mac version of Eclipse.

I touched on the widgets more in the “dashboard” of a Mac, but I think its incredibly understated how useful they could be.? I no longer have to sign into ESPN to get my favorite scores, rather just press a single button and can scroll through them instantly.? I can twitter with the press of the same button and not have to sign in every single time.

Mac’s have tons of cool stuff out for them- like programs that prevent your computer screen from dimming while watching movies or reading articles.? I almost feel like there are more smaller applications for Mac’s that allow a user to truly personalize their experience to be individually their own.