I was able to spend a bunch of time browsing on my Mac this weekend, mainly looking at my fantasy football team and keeping windows open for the games in progress so it’s safe to say I was using my browser a hefty amount.

Being fairly versatile in Windows 7, I use to enjoy the feature that I would be able to leave my mouse over the open Firefox icon and have all my windows pop open for me to browse through without actually having to open each individual window.? I was pretty happy over that the new Snow Leopard update allowed a similar feature, but one of my complaints is actually the closing of a program or window in OS X.

In windows, when you’d like to close a window in a program such as an IM chat or an extra window in Firefox if you have too many open, you can just ‘X’ out of the window or the ‘esc’ key depending on the window.? If you’d like to exit out of the entire program, you simply close it or ‘X’ out of the last open window and that closes the program and usually removes the process from the computer and it is no longer running. Simple. Done. No more.

One of my complaints with OS X is after you close out of all the windows that are open, the program is still running and using your system resources until you exit out of the program, even if nothing is running from that program…sounds complicated huh?? The example I’ll use from this weekend is after I closed all open Firefox windows, I expected the program to be closed completely and to have exited using my system resources but I was wrong.? I had to click on the icon and right click to quit the entire application which almost made me feel like I was really closing the program twice.

I do have to talk about the multi-touch pad again with the hot keys that let me swipe in between windows and open and close tabs…it’s more useful than you imagine and I’ve seem to have replaced the use of an external mouse with my touchpad because I am able to be more productive and faster using the finger swipes and gestures.

So far, I’m still pretty happy and impressed with the OS X software and continue to survive cold turkey on my Mac!