Wow, has it almost been 30 days with this thing? It’s felt like its been only a few days still; the laptop feels new, the learning never stops and the thing still looks sexy.

Looks…yes, looks…let’s talk about the looks of the laptop. Besides the performance, appearance and aesthetics are crucial in buying any electronics. Call me shallow but I’m all about how good my laptop looks on top of how well it preforms.

We’ve covered a lot of the performance and tasks this Macbook can handle. It has chewed up all multi-tasking situations I’ve thrown at it, proven worthy with two graphics cards and the no-crash Operating System has been flawless.

The aluminum case was a great addition to the construction of the laptop. It features a tough outside that is resilient to scratches from minor bumps and encounters from other objects around it. I was happily surprised when I accidentally brushed my keys over the top of my closed laptop while rushing out the door and came back to find the laptop unharmed and shiny just how I left it.

I cannot stress how great the flush screen and thin body of the laptop look in comparison to its competitors. The screen raises up pretty effortlessly but I’m concerned if the hinges will hold up over the years; some Google-ing of the problem did not yield any results that would suggest that yet though.

It seems as if this laptop has started pulling away even further in the homestretch. I think I might be a Mac owner in a few days…