Windows 7 runs hot on a Mac too?! I installed Windows 7 on my boot camp partition on my MacBook Pro and I was blown away when I found out that Windows runs hot on Apple products as well.? At first, I thought it was my XPS that was over reacting to the 64 bit software, but it was not alone…

After installing the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Professional, I expected some heat because of the long installation process, but even after I left the machine off all night and booted it up in the morning to Windows 7…within 20 minutes of just general use and browsing to set up my machine, the computer already started to heat up.

Before I hear any of the critics complain that I did not install the drivers…believe me, I checked to make sure they were updated including the newest release of graphics drivers for Windows 7 64 bit from nVidia.

To my surprise, the heat really did start to annoy me after I got use to the cool operation of OS X.? If you have a laptop, and like keeping it on your lap, I’m sure you understand my frustration with a computer that runs hot or even warm for that matter.

After using Windows 7 on the Mac, I became instantaneously frustrated with the lack of support for the swipes from the multi touch and the slower process of constant clicks to navigate back and forth.? I felt like I was slower, more sluggish and as odd as it sounds…it really wasn’t as much fun!

The widgets on the side looked boring, plain and sad and I preferred them to be hidden until I called upon them but that task was not as simple as it would be on my MacBook with the simple button built into the keyboard.

Call me crazy, maybe I’m sick, but I’m beginning to see some huge advantages in my MacBook that my Windows laptop could not beat or even come close to.

Am I being blind to something?? What am I missing?? Tell me guys, what am I overlooking, what should I try in Windows that I can’t in a Mac which gives it the huge advantage that I’m starting to discover in my Mac?? Please, quick, I might decide to switch over.