It’s been about 12-13 days since I’ve started using the Mac and I’m still incredibly impressed, pleased and happy with the experience of the MacBook and OS X.

The other day I had to grab a file off my computer (the Dell XPS M1530) and had to use the touch pad/mouse to navigate through Windows Explorer.? The biggest difference I noticed right away was the difference in touch pad size.? It felt like the Mac was the regular and the Dell was the “bite size” version you buy when you’re trying to convince yourself you’re following your diet plan.? It was incredibly annoying when I kept tracking my finger off the touch pad and couldn’t swipe back and forth to go through folders and the up and down to access my open programs and go to the desktop.

The task bar was also interesting to come back to from my bottom-of-center Mac task bar counterpart; I really liked the design and look of the Mac over Windows.? The cleaner design of the Mac with the hidden widgets really appealed to my personal taste of a less cluttered design.? I prefer the overall desktop look of the MacBook Pro/OS X.? Whether it be the combination of the screen or the design of OS X, it beat out my LED XPS w/ Windows 7 display.

I’ve been toying with the idea to install Windows 7 on a boot camp drive.? I think it could be included in the “experience” because it could help potential fence sitters who would want to continue to switch between OS X and Windows.? I’ll include some notes about how easy driver installations are and how the switch between the two via boot camp and VMWare Fusion.