Day 1:? I got my MacBook Pro today!? Wow.? Honestly, that was my first impression when I unboxed this badboy (I’ll put up some pictures later).? The MacBook Pro really delivers on its promise for a slim and sexy machine.? Not only was I impressed with the slim form factor, the weight of this laptop was incredibly impressive…it felt no heavier than its 13.3″ sibling.

Before we jump to conclusions that I have already jumped over to “The Dark Side,” I’d like you to keep in mind my extreme interest in electronics and technology; I’m excited when I buy a new flashlight.? It’s a natural feeling to be excited to get a new computer in my hands with the freedom to play around and test its features.

The first boot was exciting; Snow Leopards initial video was pretty fun with its music and light show, but that’s nothing to really get excited over.? Honestly, I forgot about it 3 seconds after it was completed.? The setup was standard, like any other Windows machine, and the opening desktop was just a different look but all in all the same experience as any Windows OS.? I actually was familiar with the idea of a “dock” because of Windows 7’s new taskbar feature which is similar to the design of OS X.? The overall look of the new MacBook Pro is incredible.? The screen features a flush LED display and the illuminated keyboard and large touch pad are great eye catchers.? For someone who loves to use an external wireless mouse, I’m beginning to think I’m going to be switching over to using the touch pad more especially to take advanage of the Mac’s multi-touch features.

I want to discuss the “bloatware” difference between my Mac and my Dell.? Apple clearly blows ANY manufacturer when it comes to loading on the least amount of computer crap.? There were no free trails I had to close, no pop-ups prompting me to try all the features and loaded on music software or other goodies and my personal pet peeve…NO McAffee or Norton.? With any new machine I buy from a PC retailer, I usually set aside some time before my first use to reformat the machine and load on the OS basics without their own side software, but I could really use this product straight out of the box.

I went straight on the internet to download some basic programs such as Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox..etc. but it was tougher then I thought to navigate and install programs after they downloaded.? While they auto load themselves, it barely let me customize my installation as much as I am use to with Windows.? I felt like I was clicking buttons in the dark and I hate having the feeling that my computer is outsmarting me and treating me like the inferior being.? For most users, its a great feature to just click and be done without caring about the install, but for any computer geek…beware about this little problem with OS X.

I have to experiment with the multi-touch settings and the “spaces” feature (allowing multiple screens to switch in and out of to increase productivity) and check out some of the built in Apple software to see if its useful or strikes me like any other OS software (Messenger, Mail, Photoviewer…etc) but I’ll continue to post back with some pictures and keep you posted on my initial week!