Perhaps you are addicted to news sites… perhaps you are an avid forum reader or just can’t live without the latest feeds? Or you just want the opportunity to use email on the go?

If you have a cell phone, chances are it can give you the opportunity to do just that.

Most cell phone carriers have a wide range of services and in addition to basic voice service, you can also get what’s referred to as a “Data Plan”. What this means in simple terms, is that you can surf the mobile internet on your phone, provided you are in an area that has sufficient coverage. Anywhere you go and have a signal, the internet would be available to you. For most phones, this means the WAP internet.

The WAP internet is fairly limited, but when you consider its ease of access, it evens out. Most phones available now have some type of built in wap browser. Usually the service providers will push their services through it (wallpapers, ringtones and so on). But most people aren’t even aware of the possibilities.

For example, Google has a Wap site.
It allows you to search for stuff on the mobile web.
Most news sites, weather, and lots of commercial sites are also going mobile. All it takes for you is to search…

For those who think it isn’t for them… You’ve gone to the bank or the doctor’s office and had to wait for 30-45 mins before actually getting seen, right? Well instead of reading outdated magazines and listening to other peoples’ conversations, you could check your favorite news sites, look up something on google or wikipedia or whatever… the possibilities are almost endless. The mobile web is picking up speed fast… It’s out there, why not use it?

I’ll post about the real internet on your phone in a later entry…

In the meantime,

Stay safe!

Via: Galadriel’s Blog