I was in the market to buy a new TV because they are becoming more cheap, but my friend told me that they are really more expensive than the list price?? Is there some hidden cost that the seller is not advertising or is there a cost along with buying the TV from my cable provider?

Unfortunately the sad truth is that new TV’s are not as cheap as they are advertised because of those hidden costs that come with them.? While a lot of these hidden costs are smaller items and accessories you buy (which can still add up to one larger sum), the other true kicker is the hidden costs that are reoccurring such as changes to your cable and electricity bill.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, there will be some added expenses you might want to checkout before making your big TV purchase.

1) Cables- Everyone always assumes that every cable you need to run your TV comes in the box, but where’s the capitalistic ideology in that?? Besides your power cable and maybe a coaxial cable to connect it to the wall jack, you’re on your own.? Most TV’s now a days connect to your cable box via HDMI to get the true high definition experience and those cables can get pricey.? All cables are not created equal so to get some of the higher end cables (especially if you are buying them in store) look to pay an average of $25-$75 depending on the size and manufacture of the cable.

2) Power Supply/Surge Protector- Just like your computer, your big electronic items should always be on power supplies/surge protectors.? While you could always go the cheap way out of spending a few bucks on some dinky item, remember that you always get what you pay for.? I recommend a solid surge protector just because one little zap without it and you are going back to that store to buy another TV.? Surge Protectors/Power Supplies can range from anywhere between $50-$A Lot.? I spent around $350 on my Monster Power which came with a lot of extra ports and some nice displays for the front screen.

3) TV Programming- The biggest expense increase people forget about is the extra increase in your cable bill!? While most HDTV owners in more populated areas can pick up a small variety of over the air (OTA) HD broadcasts, many of others will be forced to upgrade your TV packaging; whats the point of a nice new HDTV without the proper picture to watch it on.? Most companies will not require that you upgrade your package immediately, but without the picture to put on the screen, there is no point in buying the new hardware.? If you factor in the new programming costs, the monthly subscription to a new HD cable box, the DVR costs…look to run yourself an extra $20-50 a month depending on the package you subscribe to!

The point of the article is really not to scare you (even post Halloween), but just to make you more aware of some of the extra expenses that do come with buying a new TV.? I suggest before you make your purchase, you figure out the rest of the charges and costs that will come with it (especially with your cable provider) and take advantages of promotions and packages they could be offering.