The “Full” Internet in your pocket!

As I stated in my earlier post on the subject, having the internet available to you when you’re on the go is invaluable, but the built in WAP browser in most phones is slow and can be difficult to navigate (not very intuitive). Not to mention you often have to scroll down a bunch of pages before you can actually reach the info you are looking for. And as I also mentioned in my earlier post, the WAP internet is fairly limited. Not all sites are WAP compatible or even available to users who browse using mobile phones. If only you could access the full internet…..

One very well known software company has been offering a Java-powered browser that will let you access the full internet just the way you do on a computer. All that is required is a Java J2ME capable phone that is MIDP 1.0 or MIDP 2.0 compliant and a data plan of some sort to be able to use it. Previously, the full internet was only available in high-end “smartphones”. Now, with Opera Mini? the “full internet” is available on most “dumbphones”. Look up your phone specifications if you are unsure whether it supports J2ME applications.

What is known about how it works is that Opera Mini? connects to the internet via a proxy server (owned by Opera Software?) that pre-processes all web pages and renders them so they can be displayed on a small screen. This is extremely fast and seemless most of the times. You can view it in action here!

There are two versions of the browser available. A low memory one (lofi) for MIDP 1.0-only phones and a high memory (hifi) one for MIDP 2.0 compliant handsets.

They also have a support forum for questions and such. The people are friendly and helpful.

Installing it is as simple as going to using your phones native (WAP) browser. The web page should redirect you automatically to the proper version for your phone. There are other ways to do it, but that is by far the simplest.

Having access to the full internet on your phone is great! And Opera Mini? supports bookmarks, cookies, SSL encryption (https websites) and even RSS feeds! So which phone is “smart” now?

Til next time…

Via: Galadriel’s Blog