The Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, Ohio reported today on a data breach by that state?s Board of Nursing. ?The names and Social Security numbers of 3,031 newly licensed nurses were posted online twice in the past two months.?.

link: Error puts nurses? personal data online

There are a few things that are unsettling about this matter. The executive director of the Ohio Board of Nursing reports that there were about sixty four (64) hits on the problematic link. Perhaps this is intended to be reassuring. However, it would take malicious access by only a single individual to have these data being sold and distributed in various chat rooms and sites on the internet. That can happen in a matter of minutes. It really does not matter how many hits that link received. The compromised security of those nurses is a valid concern. And it will remain a concern for a considerable length of time.

The other thing that stands out in the article is that the nursing board will not pay for credit monitoring. This security breach is undoubtedly the error of the Ohio Board of Nursing. However, the financial consequences rests with the nurses who had their personal data compromised. These are ?newly licensed nurses?. Most likely, for these people entering into their chosen profession, there are already enough financial stresses. Unfortunately, the Ohio Board of Nursing is only adding to those financial concerns and personal angst. It does not seem fair.