Before you accuse your teenager about texting while driving, you may want to look at new facts released with who really is texting while operating a vehicle.

The initiative to ban texting while driving has slowly made its way across the nation as dangerous accidents have made their way into the press.? As always, the younger generation was targeted with this new program, but surprisingly enough, they are not the ones doing it the most.

In an interesting article by the AP on Yahoo!, new research shows that 47% of adults who use a cell phone to text send or read one behind the wheel while only 34% of 16-17 year old teens.? Adults take the cake when it comes to making phone calls when they are driving by a large margin over their younger counterparts. (61% vs. 43%)

While some of these studies do not account for blue tooth devices, the sheer number is overpowering.? Even with blue tooth devices, there is a large increase in danger while driving and making a phone call.

17% of adults who operate their phone have reported walking into other people or objects just because of their inability to multi-task…can we learn something from the younger generation?