The new innovations to the Apple iPod are coming, could they be further improved before release?

Apple’s iPod sales have been on the decline as of recently, but there is speculation that they are in the mix of adding a new feature to boost revenue.? Apple added the shooting and editing of video on their prodigy iPhone leading some to wonder could they add this feature to the iPod itself?

Check out some of the details on this new feature with some pictures and my unique idea on how to improve it before it’s even released.

Wonder what the new camera iPod could look like?? I found a picture from AllthingsD on their Digital Daily site; still looks pretty sleek and attractive in my opinion.

There are many questions that circulate this speculation such as the cost increase, specs of the camera, potential increase in hard drive size.etc. but the one thing that lingers in my mind is the integration with some of Apple’s pioneer technology with this new camera.

The iPhone storage cloud was a unique storage element Apple brought to the mobile world.? Microsoft made its own version with MyPhone which came out this past month, but why not tie this into the iPod?? Imagine having the ability where you could point and shoot on your iPod, send wirelessly with built in connectivity and upload to your Facebook, MySpace, Email, or a “Friends” App that could attach well with this new feature.

Let me know you’re thoughts on it.? Help me get enough attention on this to catch Apple before they put it into production and see if they’d like to use my idea!