Why do I get the message “You have been signed out of Yahoo Messenger because you have signed in on another computer or device?”? This happens specifically when I go to Yahoo.com on my computer so does that mean I’m on another computer or is someone accessing my account?? Thanks for your help

The new Yahoo! Mail has caused some issues specifically with its own software and applications!? The error message regarding being logged in from another computer can raise some hairs but do not be afraid because this error is caused by you and only you so rest assure that your information is safe!

To prevent this error message from continuing to occur, let’s look at the reason of why it happens and the simple fix to disable it.

The new Yahoo! Mail offers an integrated Yahoo! Messenger which signs you in automatically.? While many people use Yahoo Messenger on their desktop, they forget to sign out of one while the other is running which is triggering the problem with communication between the two programs resulting in an error.

To remove this error message, you’ll need to disable the chat in Yahoo! Mail.? To do this, sign into your Yahoo! Mail homepage and click on the smiley face next to your user name at the middle of the mail page (the location may differ depending on your layout).

Select the Sign Out option and look for the face to be gray and asleep.? You’ve now successfully disabled the chat and should no longer be receiving this message!