Hi! My name is Troy and I am coming onboard as a Technical Writer for the front page here on What the Tech. Some of you may have seen me around on the forums ? I am Tech Staff both here at What the Tech and also Geeks to Go. I am a hardware enthusiast, and I work as an IT Technician at a local computer store in Australia. I design and build new systems, perform system repairs and upgrades, as well as troubleshooting Operating System and program errors and problems. If there?s one thing that you?ll learn about me, it?s that I don?t go ?cheap?. As the saying goes, ?Good quality may not be cheap, but poor quality gets really expensive!? I always recommend quality components in my systems because they are built to last. Time and again I repair a computer where the problem lies with a cheap part used in the system ? usually the motherboard or power supply. Now that you know who I am and my passion, let?s get on to today?s article. I have just finished building a budget computer system, and I was very impressed with the case and power supply combination I used. It is the Antec NSK 4480B II case from their Solution Series range.

It is a Mini Tower Case that can accept mATX and ATX size motherboards. It features a 120mm rear case fan ? complete with a 3-speed controller ? and also comes with a high efficiency Antec EarthWatts 380W Power Supply. I?m a big fan of the EarthWatts range of power supplies; they are solid, reliable performers with the ?80 Plus? efficiency certification. The case also impressed me with its solid build quality and attention to detail ? no sharp edges inside, and the main front panel is extended slightly from the case. This allows for airflow to enter the case around the whole front panel. As the case is something that many users have to look at, I?d rate the aesthetics Very High. It has a subtle-yet-quality look to it. Anyone looking to build or order a new computer would be wise to consider this case and power supply combo. It is suitable for a home or office system, or perhaps a light gamer. As the power supply is 380W, it would be best avoided if you are looking to build a high-powered gaming or multimedia system, but for the average user, you really can?t go wrong. Cheers Troy