Hi I recently reformatted my laptop and want to reinstall my iTunes but when i plug
my iPod into the computer, there is no prompt that gives me an option to do so.? Can you help please get iTunes back on my computer?? I lost the disk that came with my iPod.

The best part of the internet is having all the free software in the world available at your finger tips.  The first part of getting your iPod connected after you reformat your computer would be to reinstall iTunes, but unfortunately, simply plugging in your iPod will not call the installation since there are no setup files built in on the iPod.

In order to get your iPod connected, we’ll download the most recent version of iTunes available and then get your device up and running.

The most recent version of iTunes available is iTunes 9.? Navigate to Apple iTunes and click on the free download for your version of Windows.? If you haven’t upgraded your operating system in the past year or bought a new PC in that time, I think it’s a safe bet to say your operating system is 32 bit.

Install iTunes and the newest version of Quicktime with it, allowing it to replace any of the files that it finds on your machine left over from any other install.

After your install is complete, click the desktop icon it creates and setup your preferences.? Once in your library or in the store, plug in your iPod and wait for it to connect.? You should be able to view your iPod and add in new music!

Caution:? If you have music on your iPod, it may want to update to the new library you just created (which is nothing since it is a blank library).? Do not allow it to copy to the library you have now unless you have all the songs added in before you plug in your iPod.? If you do not, right click on the iPod and select properties and look for “Manage Music Manually” so you can drag and drop songs onto your iPod rather it trying to mirror your library which is now different from your original.