My computer just shuts down when I am playing music or browsing, sometimes after 1 minutes, sometime after 15 minutes.? What can I do?

A pretty common issue, (and a perplexing one), is random computer reboots and shutdowns.? While there could be some software issues, it’s usually hardware.? In this specific hardware issue, the most likely problem is overheating.? Try these simple steps to cool down your machine and prevent these random shutdowns!

While I first recommend a virus scan to rule out any form of spyware or virus, it’s not uncommon for hardware that overheats to shutdown…memory or CPU.

Open your computer case and first look at your CPU fan.? Dust it off, remove all the cobwebs! (Make sure you take all the precautionary steps before opening up your computer case!)

After you clean off the CPU fan, make sure you brush off the dust from the computer fans.? They suck in the air from outside which isn’t always as clean as we think.? Check to see no cables are in the way obstructing the fan from rotating.

The optical drive and hard drive get tons of dust that sits on top of their spots in the computer case as well!

If you take these steps, it should reduce your CPU and system temperatures greatly and will let your computer keep running without interrupted shut downs!