If you’re not a geek, knowing about the latest and greatest updates to all software programs out there might not be as interesting as it sounds to me, but there are programs that every computer user should know about.

These programs help you stay safe, share data and be a bit smarter when it comes to the machine in front of you.

Pass this along to some of your non-geek friends and be ready to reap in the thank you responses.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware: Everyone who uses a computer should know about this program AND have it installed on their machine. “MBAM” helps you stay safe and scans your computer for hundreds of thousands of infections. I recommend it to anyone who uses the internet because you can never be too sure that your computer is sparkling clean. Bottom Line: Download and Install if you do not have it.

DropBox: Have a smart phone or files you want to share over multiple devices/computers? A free 2 gig account with DropBox allows you to share things very seamlessly across multiple computers or the iPhone/Android phones.

Download the program on your phone and your computer and just drag and drop stuff in a folder that looks like any plain regular folder.? That’s it, you’re done, no fancy geek tricks.

ATF-Cleaner: Everyone has huge amounts of temporary internet files and garbage internet files on their computer that they can get rid of since they are unnecessary and also a security risk to some degree.

Use it to clean up and free up extra hard drive space by deleting old garbage that is of no use to your computer.? It can also ‘refresh’ your browser settings and saved passwords if you no longer wish for them to be kept in by your browser.? Most people who have never used a cleaner like this usually get back a couple gigs of storage (a bit amount).

I’ll leave you with those those three for know to start off with, but I will be back for more and include some more “cool” type of programs similar to drop-box that cause that awe effect in crowds.