I have nascar 2003 and I wanna run it on vista.? I’ll start the game and go into the menu and then it will automatically shut down and cancel my game.? Is there anyway to run certain programs on vista, I just don’t no how to make them compatible would be awesome.

In today’s ever changing technological days, we’ve developed multiple operating systems and it can be challenging to keep up with the updates.? What’s even more difficult is keeping older software running on newer machines.? Try these simple steps and see if it helps to get that older program working again:

Try running the program in XP Mode:

Right click the file and goto the properties.? Look for the compatibility button and make sure you check to work as “XP”

If that does not work, look for any video card driver updates or motherboard patches.

Many times the manufacturers of games/software will release updates to their software to work with newer operating systems.? Check there as a last resort, it takes a bit to publish the patch!