My computer does not show the taskbar right now and I don’t know how to get it back?? Should I reboot it or do I have a virus?? Will I have to format my hard drive because I have none of the data backed up!? Please help me, I am in some serious trouble!

The taskbar disappearing usually means some software problems in your Windows installation or just a minor fix that we can exercise and try to make it reappear.? I won’t? jump straight to a virus yet, so let’s try some other things first before we jump to conclusions!

It’s like a bad magic trick when the computer tries to impress you and hide some of the most necessary tools.? To restore your task bar, first try pressing CTRL + ESC together on the keyboard.? It might redisplay your taskbar if it has been minimized or shrunk to be too small to display.

If that does not work, try CTRL + ALT+ DEL to open your task manager.? At the top, go to File >> New Task (Run) and type in “explorer.exe” without the quotes.? Hit enter and that should restore your taskbar.

If you’re still having trouble, run an anti-virus or anti-spyware scan to make sure your computer comes out clean, and if it does, try a repair installation of your Windows software.? For detailed instructions, visit this site.