I have a Fujitsu Siemens Model Scaleo D1520 computer with an onboard graphics
card as described hereafter:
“Integrated Intel? Extreme Graphics, 2D/3D Graphics Controller,256 Bit, 120
Hz max. Refresh Rate, 2047x1536x16 max. Resolution,
350 MHz RAMDAC, Dynamic Video Memory Technology,
upgradeable with AGP Graphics Card or ADD Cards to add support
for digital displays or TV Out, DDC 2B Support for Monitor Detection”–
I would like to install another Graphics Card to be able to play games.
Is that possible?

It?s always good to get a dedicated graphics card for your machine as it lightens the system resources load, allows your computer to run faster and gives you the option to run more applications at a higher resolution with a better picture.

You?re system is upgradable in the graphics card department.? Let?s look at the options and choices we have.

The system calls for an AGP Graphics Card which is stands for Accelerated Graphics Port Card.? Unfortunately, since around 2004, AGP has been slowly replaced by the PCI Express cards but there are still plenty around on the market for you to choose from.

There are some advantages that the AGP card has over the PCI card.? One prime example of this is when the AGP provides a dedicated pathway between the card and the processor while the PCI Express slot shares the PCI bus.? Basically, it allows for some higher speeds?It also has the advantage to now use the system?s RAM to read textures as the card can utilize it directly.

Unfortunately, the universal features that the PCI Express card carry are more appealing to customers and manufacturers thus allowing the slow phase out of the AGP card.? Browse around on some sites such as NewEgg or TigerDirect for some AGP Graphics Cards.? Compare pixel pipelines and core speeds for the cards that best fit your budget!

I recommend you read up on some of our other posts on disabling the onboard graphics card first before installing the new one for the smoothest install you can have.? Enjoy the new and better picture!