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LCD screens are everywhere. The most sensitive ones are probably on your HDTV, computer monitor or notebook. However, many smart phones, tablets and e-readers have non-glare or oleophobic (grease resistant) coatings on their LCD screens. While you may be tempted to grab a bottle of window cleaner, chances are the ammonia in it will eventually […]

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The Windows 8 boot experience has changed dramatically. Not only does it offer a cleaner visual experience, but offers full support for touch screen devices. Even from the command prompt. Watch this short video from the Building Windows 8 blog: Reengineering the Windows boot experience

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This application failed to start because uxcore.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem” or uxcore.dll Not found Download the Windows Live Uninstaller (wlarp.exe). Save to Desktop, Download folder, or other convenient location Click wlarp.exe to run Select Repair all Windows Live programs

Years ago, the two biggest factors when building a new desktop computer are price and performance.? Today, there is a new added component to consider when putting together a machine, which is energy efficiency. Modern computers must be powerful, cheap and equally importantly, they must be green!? Computers that use less power promote green initiatives […]

The Verizon Wireless Samsung Droid Charge is 4G phone poised to make a splash to those looking for a performer with a good 4G battery life. Accompanied with a light design, a beautiful 4.3″ display and some cool extra features, this phone is packed for Verizon Wireless customers who do not need heavy power and […]

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