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We are just 5 days away from the first day of spring! The spring season is most famous for its call to cleaning, and what better place to start than your computer! We all forget how computers, just like our desks and closets, need to be cleaned; externally and internally. I’ll be going through a […]

This post brought to you by HP*. Whether your organization is moving to the cloud or is yet undecided, the HP Pathways to Cloud event is the best way to explore the technologies, learn the strategies, and prepare to lay a secure, high performance foundation for an agile IT environment This is a must-see event […]

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First it was minutes, then it was texting and now it will be data.? Shared family plans for data are just around the corner from the major wireless providers and it’s about time! I have 5 phones on my family plan, 4 are smart phones.? I was ‘lucky‘ enough to get all of them on […]

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The new iPad HD was released this afternoon by Apple and I am not on board with the bandwagon that seems to be marveled by the newest Cupertino based offering. The iPad boasts a new higher resolution, a faster processor and…well, that’s mainly about it.? The name hasn’t even been confirmed! Is it the iPad3, […]

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The new Windows 8 Customer Preview is finally here! Microsoft released the customer preview for its newest operating system Windows 8 earlier last week in Spain.? The obvious successor to a successful Windows 7, Microsoft now aims to couple an offering that blends the tablet, smartphone and desktop environment to one mold. Download a copy […]

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