Gadgets, tech toys, electronics, PDAs, or smart phones, call them what you want but I like to refer to them as my precious?s (sorry J.R.R Tolkien had to borrow the line!). My precious is always by my side or in my pocket.? A lot of self-proclaimed geeks have their favorite items to use and I am no different.? Here is my story?

I have owned my fair share of PDA?s and smart phones. The first PDA I ever had was a Palm Tungsten TX. This was back in 2002 and I must say the thing was a beast?? I had an extra 32mb expansion card that I loaded up with games and lots of info. I used that thing like it was going out of style?? I ditched the PDA when I got my first smart phone, the Audiovox PPC-6601 for Sprint. It ran Windows Mobile 2003 and I had that thing tricked out like crazy. I purchased SPB Pocket Plus and that added some much needed features and once again I loaded it up with games and because this was also an Internet enabled phone I was able to use features like Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger on the phone which only further fueled my need for mobility. I used the Audiovox for a long time, almost 3 years to be exact. I still have the phone and it is still in working order but I had to put it in the box and trade it out for something newer, faster, and much better looking. My contract with Sprint was up and I was offered a deal where I could get a Palm Centro for only 50 bucks. The phone was a lot smaller than the Audiovox and it also had the ability to view Youtube videos and much more. So I decided to jump in and get a Centro, a shiny red one to be precise.

So here I am today with my shiny-ish red Palm Centro. It?s been beat up and has taken a bruising but it still runs awesome. I got this thing loaded up with even more games than before and having the ability to update Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and watch Youtube videos really puts this smart phone above the rest. I have dropped this phone so many times it should be in a million pieces but it is still holding on strong without glue or tape. This phone is by far my favorite phone I have ever had and that is why I am dedicating this post to my Centro. I love my Centro like I love my wife (sorry honey, didn?t expect you to find out like this). I know some opinions may differ. One person may think the Centro is junk another may say that the iPhone is the #1 smart phone on the market. But that is not what this post is about. This post is about how much I love my Palm Centro and how our relationship is coming closer to an inevitable end?

Like with all good things there must be an end. Recently I was offered another deal on the new Palm Pre, which I must say is looking to be an awesome smart phone. I know I shouldn?t say this but the Palm may be put back in the box for a while, right next to the Audiovox? just don?t tell my Centro?