For the last few months I have been a member on the popular social aggregation site Personally, I think the site is great, but of course there is always a few problems with any website you go to. There is one issue I have with Digg that is really starting to turn me away…

What is it with countdowns? Just today on Digg I have found, 9 Video Games That Went Too Far, Top 10 Grocery Coupon Websites for Cheapskates, 7 Ways Recessions Impact Your Health, 10 Hollywood Cliche’s Which Can Go Either Way, Top 10 Most Ridiculous Transformers Ever, 10 Droolworthy Eco Structures, The 6 Most Horrifying Medical Malpractice Cases, The 10 Worst Work Habits … And there are still many, many, more! I really don’t have that big of a problem with these lists as it is relatively easy to ignore them and read the good articles. It is just that I cannot figure out what is up with the obsession with these list/countdowns… They are everywhere it seems. I seriously can turn on the T.V. and switch over to VH1 or another cable channel and find myself watching a countdown show about child stars, eighties music, pop culture and more! There is no escaping the list! Matter of fact the movie and music industry is all about whom the best is and what is number one and so on. Even David Letterman has his Top 10 list on his show. Where does this madness end?!?

All jokes aside, like I said I do not have that big of a problem with putting together a list of this type it is just something I have noticed becoming more and more popular on the net and my point of this post is that there is this weird obsession with these types of posts and the newspaper industry is wondering why they are losing sales… You can get a half witted writer who can compile some list and post it on the internet and low and behold 1,000,000 readers later you’re the stud of some unknown website because of your countdown/listing skills. This is not real journalism (I am not saying I am a real journalist either) but people are addicted to these lists and I believe it is hurting our ability to write actual articles. Humans are the ones who invented the technology we use to create these lists, isn’t there something better we could write about instead of reading about the 13 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities? All I am saying is let’s put forth effort into something more productive than a countdown/list. Let’s see some more original reviews, or some more biographies. Let’s report on some hometown heros… The Internet is such a powerful tool that we can do so much more than just listing some items and calling it a post.

End rant.