Alex Eckelberry, the president of Sunbelt Software, has written an excellent article about the Julie Amero case. Alex writes:

?The machine was a haggard old system that was not adequately protected against these types of threats (Windows 98 running Internet Explorer 5 with only middling antivirus protection, no firewall, no antispyware program, no popup blocking and no up-to-date Internet filtering in place). Put a system like that against the Internet, and it has no chance.?

link: Teacher in porn case victim of own ignorance

Julie Amero faces a possibility of forty years in jail. This never should have been a court case in the first place. Perhaps the prosecutor of this case can spend ten minutes online, without a firewall and without an antispyware program, and then look to see what junk is on his machine.

Catherine Forsythe

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