Imagine a world where children discuss the latest math level their on and what reading comprehension character they’ve unlocked.

Students would gossip, not about what Jane Doe wore to class today, but how she understood the definition of “juxtaposition” and that it is frowned upon to split an infinitive.? Sound weird yet?

The gaming titans at Nintendo are attempting to take consoles into the classroom as teaching tools but I see a whole new level of learning on the horizon for the newest generation.

Students learn much quicker and easier when they have material that is presented in a way that makes learning fun.? Nintendo could be looking at a huge untapped sector where they could come out wealthy and have a positive view in the public eye.

If Nintendo released some games to help students (with disabilities or not) learn the fundamentals of mathematics, reading, writing and some sciences, I believe schools and parents across the globe would quickly see how they could influence their children to become better students.

I remember when I was a kid, our computers had Math Blaster or Number Munchers, and who could forget Spellbound?!? If I think back to those days, I don’t remember so much of the mathematical concepts as I did the fun story that went along with defeating the villains, but I can effectively say it helped me improve my math skills to become quicker at recalling my addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables.

Nintendo will never win the graphical gaming world and the Wii was a great new find to the market, but now that it’s mainstream and companies like Microsoft and Sony are releasing their own body sensing hardware to go along with their powerful consoles, Nintendo should start to look elsewhere to keep their product strong.