I’ve been hearing things about a new iPhone and it being found somewhere?? Is this true or is this a hoax by someone?? How does an iPhone like that just wander out in the middle in the open and get picked up by someone and what are your thoughts on it?

The new iPhone (or so we think) has been leaked and found at a local bar in California about 20 minutes form Apple headquarters.? It is an interesting story, for tech lovers or mystery buffs, with some holes but overall the evidence adds up and seems pretty valid.

The new iPhone was left at a bar outside of the Apple headquarters.? Someone who was field testing the new device must have gone to the bar and disguised the new phone in an older 3G skin but left it there once he left by accident.

A passerby saw the left phone and found it.? After taking it home and taking off the new skin, the finder must have realized what a prized possession he had and sold the device to big tech blog Gizmodo.com for a quick $5,000.

The new phone has some updated features such as sharper resolutions, a front facing camera, two voice slots for noise cancellation with a slimmer but boxy design.

Apple is now in contact with the big tech blog to try and obtain the device back before any further information is leaked to the public.? Historically Apple has released a new device once a year in the summer so this one doesn’t break the mold!? Unfortunately for Apple, who is usually very secretive about its technology, might have the lid blown off this one before they wanted to.