Droid_by_Motorola_Front_VZW_EyeThe Motorola Droid is one of the most solid phones I’ve ever used, boasting a large variety of hardware features to couple its vast software features.

While it would take?more than?a couple of blog posts to include each and every detail about what makes this phone so advanced (hardware), I decided to give a brief overview on some of the best advancements I’ve seen with the Motorola Droid.

The Droid starts with a great metal shell which is heavy, but feels sturdy.? I would feel more comfortable to drop this phone then any other phone I’ve held.? While I do not recommend running? around dropping this phone to impress members of the opposite sex, I would still recommend this high-tech phone to the likes of people who may drop their phone every once and a while.

The Droid has great button locations.?A screen On/Off button is located directly on the top of the phone, easily accessible by the pointer finger.? Directly to the right of that is the volume rocker, which is perfectly in reach of the thumb and operates even when the screen is off. For example,?when playing music.? I love this feature?as it does not waste battery, like my iPod does when making slight adjustments to the volume.? The camera button is in the traditional bottom right? corner,?which gives the phone a digital camera type layout when in camera use.

The camera on the phone is one of the best I’ve seen.? With the inclusion of a 5 mp camera, dual flash and DVD quality video camcorder,?the sky is the limit.? The Droid also includes features to upload picture and video to your favorite social media sites, including YouTube!

I enjoy the touch buttons at the bottom of the screen, although they can be annoying when trying to navigate using the front touch screen, because they can be rubbed by the palm of your hand.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the hardware design of the Motorola Droid.? Most phone manufacturers like to make high-tech gadgets that are fragile to the touch, but this phone feels like a tank.? Don’t let this phone scare you away if you are someone who in the market for a durable product!