Almost one year ago to this date, I wrote an article about the most dangerous celebrities to search for on the internet due to malware, spyware and viruses attached to their high search engine rankings.

Jessica Biel was honored with the award last year with Brad Pitt and famous ex, Jennifer Aniston took a tied second place respectively.

This year, the celebrity world took a shift with a new number 1 and 2…make sure you’re not searching these guys…

Cameron Diaz is now the worlds most notorious online celebrity, followed by Julia Roberts and last years winner Jessica Biel.

Most of the danger comes from the downloaded screenshots and backgrounds associated with these high profile stars, so be careful before you make your change to one of these Hollywood hotties.

While most of the people on this list were women, Brad Pitt took 5th and Tom Cruise took the 6th spot…I’m not sure if that’s for his looks or that ridiculous video he has on YouTube jumping on Opera’s couches.

My advice to you is to never download “free wallpapers” from a website before asking a trusted tech.? Downloaded wallpapers and files is still one of the top ways to contract malware to your computer.? With an infection on your PC, you may not even be able to enjoy that pleasurable sight, so be alert!