Earlier this week, I had my monitor “break” on me, but it wasn’t showing the usual symptoms.? The monitor was working a few ours before I stepped away from my desk, but when I came back, it would flicker the desktop when I turned it on but go to a completely black screen after two seconds.

I checked the usual cables and made sure power was running to the screen until I discovered what the issue was.

Before I discuss what my issue was, I’d like to cover some troubleshooting methods.? First, always check that all the cables are securely plugged in.? Not only is the power cable important, but the cable that actually hooks up the monitor to your computer may be faulty.? Its important to try a new cable in order to verify that the cable has not gone bad.? Check the power source of where the monitor is plugged into, but usually if it flickers an image and shows any sort of sign that power is coming to the monitor, it shouldn’t be the problem.

Try another monitor for your computer or another computer for your monitor; this rules out any graphic card issues.

I have discovered that the issue to my monitor is a faulty power supply in the monitor.? One of the capacitors in the monitor has most likely exploded or leaked and in order to fix the monitor, I have to install a new one.? These installations are relatively simple if you can find your way around electronics and are much more easy to do than replacing a monitor bulb.

You would be able to determine between a bad bulb or a bad PSU by the image on the screen.? If there is a faint image on the screen, but barely any brightness, it most likely is the bulb.

A quick Google search and $12 dollars later, I should have myself a fixed monitor.